The Club Welfare Officers have two main duties:

1. To be clear about the clubs responsibilities when running activities for children and young people.

This involves; ensuring these responsibilities are well understood by others, working with the Youth League Welfare Officer (YLWO), working with your County FA Welfare Officer and promoting The FA’s Respect Programme and helping to develop best practice processes.

​2. To help club personnel understand what their ‘duty of care’ towards children and young people actually means and entails on a day-to-day basis.

The Club Welfare Officer is Barry Christopher who is also the Club’s lead officer for the “Respect” programme in football. Barry was also the League Welfare Officer for the Southampton & District Tyro League for 5 years.

Barry holds Social Work and Management Qualifications and worked for Hampshire County Council Social Services Department for 34 years prior to retiring.

If you have any concerns regarding a young person (anyone under the age of 18's) welfare then please do not hesitate to contact him for advice, guidance and support.

Email Address:

Phone Number: 02380 615985

Mobile Number: 07902 677640

The Club is also fortunate in having an assistant Child Welfare Officer by the name of Laura Boxall.

Laura also has experience in Child Welfare as the lead Safeguarding Officer for a local school.

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